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I'm Caity Opelka, a graphic designer, calligrapher, and illustrator.


I grew up in New Orleans, where the music never stops and the days always seem to end too soon. It's no wonder I've always been drawn to the arts. I started painting in third grade - yes, third grade - and continued along that path as I attended Savannah College of Art & Design in Georgia.


After college, I began working as a designer in the food and beverage industry, which eventually led me to a position in Philadelphia. After a few years of the snowy Mid-Atlantic, I left my corporate career and returned home to my steamy Subtropical wonderland. I have since worked for a local stationer, where I am lucky to be able to create and share custom illustration, calligraphy, and design. In my work, I strive to combine the romantic attitude of handmade illustrations with the current tools of the digital world.


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